2014: The End

After everything I experienced this year in my personal life, I have to say that 2014 ended really nicely and I’m very much looking forward to 2015.

I spent most of the end of 2014 focusing on myself and surrounding myself with people that I love. I’m incredibly lucky to have people in my life who are patient, kind, fun(ny), good listeners, and overall very loving. Even though it was a painful time, it was one of the most eye opening times in my life.

One of the most valuable things I did with my time was starting to see a therapist. Therapy isn’t something that I had sought out in the past, but with the immense pain and confusion I was experiencing, it was worth a shot. And boy am I glad I started going.

I’m already a pretty reflective person, but having this space every other week to think critically about my feelings and my interactions with others has proven to be invaluable. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten through this as quickly (or as healthily) without her help – and even though I feel way better than I did a few months ago, I am still continuing to see her because I continue to see the value in it. (Plus, I’m dipping my toes back into the dating game and it’s nice to have someone objectively coach me through it – dating is a hot mess).

I’m a very empathetic person who is constantly thinking of others, so this time to focus on myself is extremely important to my well being as a whole. After the break-up I really tried to avoid destructive behavior – I didn’t drink too often, I completely quit online dating, I cooked healthy meals for myself, spent time with my friends, and I started going back to the gym (things that I had pretty much completely stopped doing while I was in a relationship). I started becoming myself again and feeling comfortable being by myself.

I would be lying if I didn’t wake up some mornings wishing I had never met him or that I didn’t care so damn much, but everything I learned made it all worth it. I am now closer to knowing what I want out of a relationship, and the qualities in a person that matter most to me (you know – beyond being 6 ft+ tall and having good taste in beer and/or bourbon). I’ve started dating again – and I’m just trying to have fun with it for now (as fun as that can ever be at least).

When I look at the year as a whole, it was amazing. I became an aunt to a beautiful little girl. I got to spend more time with my family than I have since I left Rochester in 2009. I got to do some really fun travel for work (Cancun, Dallas, San Francisco, Nashville, NYC). I had a great year in my job – we even went viral once! I have so so much to look forward to in 2015… so bring it on.


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